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Education Support Program-1

posted Jun 16, 2015, 6:49 PM by MCO UM   [ updated Aug 26, 2015, 8:17 AM ]
Our members have strong passion to contribute their skills and knowledge to the development of Mongolia. Besides organizing cultural events in Michigan campus, we started two main projects directed to Mongolia this year (2015). The first project is sending medical equipment to Mongolia. We started fundraising campaign to send medical supplies and equipment from the World Medical Relief to Mongolian Children's Cancer Care Treatment Center. 
The second project just landed in April, and it's aim to share our (MCO students who are studying in the USA) knowledge with high school students in Mongolia. We chose to reach high school students in rural areas, since they do not have as equal opportunity to obtain information about studying abroad as urban high school students do. We've selected 20 students from 10th grade in Baganuur District based on English language test and essay written in Mongolian. The MCO students do not only  give incentives of studying English, but also help them to pursue their dreams of studying in top colleges and universities of the world. We provide English learning resources including electronic reading and listening materials to the high school students in Baganuur District. The MCO students meet the high schools students online to share knowledge and mentor them to improve their personal and academic skills. 
The program is thriving with the passion of hard working high school students and energetic MCO students. Please keep following us to get updated about the program. 
The selection process: Reading the essays written by high school students in Baganuur District
The selected high school students with Khulan, a teacher of TOMUJIN English Language School in Mongolia. TOMUJIN is collaborating with MCO, and  providing iBT 
materials. iBT is the English test required from international applicants as part of the admission to colleges in the US and other English speaking countries.  
The high school students are studying English using the materials provided by TOMUJIN. 
The high school students are skyping with MCO students to discuss about their goal and aspiration