Mongolian Traditional Holiday

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Hello friends!
Join us to celebrate the Mongolian Traditional Holiday, White Moon!

Education Support Program-1

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Our members have strong passion to contribute their skills and knowledge to the development of Mongolia. Besides organizing cultural events in Michigan campus, we started two main projects directed to Mongolia this year (2015). The first project is sending medical equipment to Mongolia. We started fundraising campaign to send medical supplies and equipment from the World Medical Relief to Mongolian Children's Cancer Care Treatment Center. 
The second project just landed in April, and it's aim to share our (MCO students who are studying in the USA) knowledge with high school students in Mongolia. We chose to reach high school students in rural areas, since they do not have as equal opportunity to obtain information about studying abroad as urban high school students do. We've selected 20 students from 10th grade in Baganuur District based on English language test and essay written in Mongolian. The MCO students do not only  give incentives of studying English, but also help them to pursue their dreams of studying in top colleges and universities of the world. We provide English learning resources including electronic reading and listening materials to the high school students in Baganuur District. The MCO students meet the high schools students online to share knowledge and mentor them to improve their personal and academic skills. 
The program is thriving with the passion of hard working high school students and energetic MCO students. Please keep following us to get updated about the program. 
The selection process: Reading the essays written by high school students in Baganuur District
The selected high school students with Khulan, a teacher of TOMUJIN English Language School in Mongolia. TOMUJIN is collaborating with MCO, and  providing iBT 
materials. iBT is the English test required from international applicants as part of the admission to colleges in the US and other English speaking countries.  
The high school students are studying English using the materials provided by TOMUJIN. 
The high school students are skyping with MCO students to discuss about their goal and aspiration

May Volunteers

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The World Medical Relief is moving from Detroit location to a new office in Southfield, MI. The new location has more docks, parking lots, and rooms.The MCO volunteers helped cleaning the new office, removed trashes, and it was all clean by the time we left. 
We are so excited to bring more volunteers to the new shining office soon.

Mongolian Barbecue Fundraising Event

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MCO has successfully organized a fundraising event at the BD's Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. Thanks to our talented Morin Khuur players, dancer, and all the other MCO members and supporters.  We raised $566 in one night. We are approaching to our fundraising goal day by day, and one day, a full container of medical supply will be shipped from World Medical Relief to Mongolian Children's Cancer Care Treatment Center. 
The MCO family after the Event
The Morin Khuur Players

Tsagaan Sar- White Moon 2015-Year of the Sheep

posted Mar 26, 2015, 9:01 AM by MCO UM

We have successfully celebrated our annual Tsagaan Sar holiday Celebration in Michigan Union. 
Our celebration included:
-Presentation about Mongolia and Tsagaan Sar (click here for the presentation slides)
-Fashion Show
-Greeting demonstation
-Morin Khuur (traditional musical instrument) performance with guitar
-Traditional Dance
-Traditional puzzle games

We also recognized Erdenebulgan Gantumur as our "Most Valuable Community Member 2014" based on her hard work, dedication and devotion to MCO. 
Congratulations Erdenebulgan for the differences you make. 
Thank you for those who came and experienced Mongolian Culture. 
See you in our next year's celebration. 

Lecture Series 2015: Dr. Erdenechimeg Erdenebayar from Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences of School of Public Health

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Dr. Erdenechimeg Erdenebayar is a Senior Lecturer for the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences School of Public Health. She completed a BS in Public Health and Hygiene and a PhD in Food Safety and Nutrition at the Health Sciences University of Mongolia School of Public Health. She was previously the Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine at the School of Public Health. 
Dr. Erdenebayar has completed projects in: tuberculosis among health care workers in Mongolia, cervical and breast cancer screening in Ulaanbaatar, and the health situation of artisanal miners and their families. She is currently investigating the concentrations of arsenic in well water samples from different parts of Ulaantaatar, Mongolia, with the hopes of developing strategies to reduce exposure.

The Best News of the Year

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MCO has been working on a project "Sending Medical Supplies to Mongolian Children's Cancer Center". Through volunteering at the World Medical Relief, our advisor Temuulen got a great idea to send medical equipment from Detroit to Mongolia. There are only a few months left for the idea to become real, and help many children in Mongolia. 

There is a Mongolian proverb saying that "Good works happen without any hindrance". The process of our project has been going successfully without any hindrance. 

We are more than glad to announce that "Anglo Freight-Mongolia" shipping company is going to help us to send the 40 foot container full of medical supply free of charge. 

We are in a process of shipping the equipment.
As usual, we are still volunteering at the World Medical Relief every month. If you would like to join, and contribute to the charity work please check our events here.

A message from the advisor

posted Sep 27, 2014, 8:40 PM by MCO UM   [ updated Sep 27, 2014, 8:40 PM ]

I would like to extend my gratitude to several people in MCO....

Thank you so much to Gunjlkham Oyunmaa and Chuluunbat Ser-Od for connecting MCO to Anglofreight shipping company. MCO is so grateful for your support and help right from day one 

Thank you very much to Erdenebat Gantumur & Erdenebulgan Gantulgaand their lovely children Erdeneshagai and Nandinshagai for cooking and preparing our picnic meal.

Thanks again 

"Welcome New Friends" Picnic 2014

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This year Mongolian Cultural Organization tripled the Mongolian students population. We organized picnic at Lillie park to meet new members, and of course to have first Mongolian-fun of the semester.

                                                                              MCO Picnic Sep, 2014

Sporty MCOers!!! 
Four competitive teams

And of course the cheerleaders!

The winning team with their precious prize from Mongolia!!

Congratulations team "UglieS" (MCO still does not understand why they named the team as "UglieS", they  all look pretty, don't you think? )
Thank you everyone for coming and supporting us! See you all next year!

Naadam 2014

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We successfully organized Naadam 2014 at Lilie  Park, Ann Arbor in July 5th. Naadam is a traditional summer festival in Mongolia. It is a three day long festival, and highlights the greatest athletes in horse racing, archery, and wrestling. 
                      Tuva, Kyzyl, referee watching Khuresh wrestling at Naadam Festival

Although we, Michigan Mongolians do not have horses to race and archers to shoot "sur" (targets used for Mongolian archers), we picked out the winner of "shagai harvaa" (Shooting ankle bones), one of the Mongolian traditional games played during Naadam festival. 

          A young shooter Daniel was the most talented one among us. The way he flicks the deer horn puck, and he closes his one eye resembled a professional Mongolian
Shagai Shooter. 
The targets are shagai, sheep ankle bones. 
Ladies are as good shooters as guys

Of course, Naadam is meaningless without Huushuur, beef (or potato for vegetarians) stuffed deep fried meal. 

Mongolian Knowledge trivia, known as AXA in Mongolia, among non-Mongolian heroes. 
William Geiger was the last one who knew all the answers. Unfortunately, he stumbled on the last CHAMPION question "What is the largest ethnic group in Mongolia". The answer was of course, 
Khalkh Mongol. Anyways, congratulations Will.
It is a picnic, specially with Mongolians!!! There must be lots of funnnnnn. 

And beautiful, handsome people with Mongolian traditional costume
Сайхан наадаарай

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